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The History of Little Hermitage

Little Hermitage is a splendid Grade II listed Georgian building

dated from the 18th century 1703. 

Built by Mr David Day, who named it Little Hermitage.

The Days resided at this commodious family residence which originally 

had 72 acres of land consisting of garden, pleasure grounds,

stabling, farmery, 2 entrance lodges, park-like pastures and a

field of excellent arable land.

Family Run

Little Hermitage has been in our family since 1995, originally taken on as a

family residence, extensive renovations were required to bring the house

back to the beautiful venue you see today.


After several years the family decided to venture into the wedding business.  Becoming a wedding venue to provide a high quality service

creating couples happy ever afters which included our own.

We sadly lost David in 2012, this has now left us as an all girl team! In remembrance of David we are going BIG, expanding into other

functions (see Directory) yet still providing a high quality 

personal touch as a family team would.

Geraldine & David

Geraldine & David

Married July 2002

Francesca & Ian

Francesca & Ian

Married November 2009

Careece & Lee

Careece & Lee

Married August 2010

Amelia & Adam

Amelia & Adam

Married August 2012

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